About Me

Rakesh Gopathi

I am a full stack developer with a focus on Android development, automation Ops, databases and web development. For me Life is a beautiful present given to us with the intention to be useful for everyone else.

My Career

Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd (MobiTv)

Now I moved into Media team which is a completely different domain from my previous work experience in client side development. I am exited about working in this domain and the new challenges that await me in this journey.

1 Aug. 2018 - present
Software Engineer (Media)

Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd (MobiTv)

I started work as part of the MobiTv Android team which deals primarily in the field of media and entertainment. My responsibilities in the team included taking up ownership of product features, giving presentations, working in a team and building product features. It has been a good experience working in the android team where I got exposure to jenkins, component design and other intresting aspects of software development. Even though I had interesting work I began to see that there is not much of a challenge for me anymore, when the opportunity arised I joined the media team which is a completely different environment and represented the challenge I was looking for at work.

11 Dec. 2017 - 30 Jul. 2018
Software Engineer (Android)

Neotech Data Solutions

In Neotech I developed Android apps with special attention towards Design patterns, automation and most importantly code reusability. In conjection to that I also worked as a training instructor where I taught new recruits and designed courses for them. I used all of my free time in building personal projects which aim to help the society at large and also in learning new things.

10 Dec. 2015 - 18 Oct. 2017
Full Stack Android Developer

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering (IARE)

I enrolled in a 4 year Computer Science Enginnering degree in 2013. All this while in my college I enjoyed playing various games both indoor and outdoor most noteably chess, volleyball,etc. In parallel I started learning Boxing after college hours. All of this along with a night life I developed where in I participated in coding challenges, tried to solve problems and grasp the concepts of programming languages by taking up personal projects. My first personal project was to write a sql based Database using C language.

Jul. 2013 - Aug. 2017
Computer Science Student

Narayana Junior College

I completed my intermediate education with Maths, Physics and Chemistry as core subjects.

May. 2013
MPC Student

St. Joseph's high school

In June 2011, I completed my schooling from St.joseph's high school where I was studying from my 3rd standard. I could say that I have recieved my best education at this institution after which I pretty much learnt everything on my own.

June. 2011

My Skills



Web development

Web automation (Selenium)





My Projects


Sense is a reporting system for Air pollution, weather and natural disasters. The project is currently being developed in a private repositoy so don't worry if the links don't work yet. They will be updated as soon as the project is open sourced.

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ApkExtractor is a utility app for extracting Apk's from the installed applications and storing them in the user prefered storage. The App follows Material design guidelines and provides a beautiful user experience..

...   ...


ClockWork is a social app which aims to enable an organisation and its employees to freely communicate and share their ideas with each other.

...   ...


Memore is an app which helps keep all of your friends in close sight no matter the distances that time grows between you.

...   ...


PersonalLoanBuddy is a utility app which helps in calculating EMI, affordability, Amortization and also helps in comparing different loans.

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